5 Reasons To Use Cryotherapy Instead of an Ice Bath

Ice baths are all too common recovery techniques for athletes. However, cytotherapeutic machines have circumvented this process as a more effective, safer alternative. Here are five reasons to use cryotherapy instead of an ice bath.

Easy to Use

Cryotherapy is one of the easiest recovery tools available. It’s a quick, painless experience that only takes up to a few minutes for each session. You may think that less time means less efficiency, but cryotherapy proves this is not the case. For instance, ice baths can take twenty to thirty minutes to set up, engage, and drain. Cryotherapy takes only a fraction of the time for the same benefits, if not more. Since it uses dry cold, there’s no need for a towel or waste time letting your body warm up.

No Mess

Setting up an ice bath takes work. You have to fill the bath with the appropriate level of water and ice without risking an overspill. Additionally, you need to let the ice reduce the water’s initial temperature before immersing yourself in the frigid water. Once you are immersed, there’s the risk of spilling water over the sides of the bath.

Doing this at home increases the risk of water damage to your floors and personal belongings. With cryotherapy, you don’t need to worry about any of that. A simple in-and-out cryo session leaves you feeling rejuvenated without additional maintenance or cleanup.

Much More Effective

Another reason to use cryotherapy instead of an ice bath is that it’s much more effective. Cryochambers are full-body immersive experiences. Cryotherapy can reach as low as -166 to -222 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t be alarmed. You don’t experience frostbite or any negative health risks, given that each session lasts only a couple of minutes.

Ice baths typically only reach 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and require more time to accumulate the body to the colder temperature. As the cold temperature reaches the body, it reduces inflammation and pain, promoting natural rejuvenation. Cryotherapy chambers are inherently more effective and take less time than ice baths.

No Risk of Further Injury

As previously mentioned, ice baths can pose a risky mess if you’re not careful. With water and ice cubes splashing around, you’re almost guaranteed to have some spill onto the floor. In this case, there’s a greater safety threat involved if you slip. Contrarily, cryotherapy chambers are designed with safety in mind. They use liquid nitrogen—a type of dry cold—to propel freezing temperatures, so there’s no risk of injury following your appointment.

Additional Health Benefits To Consider

Finally, cryotherapy offers more health benefits than a traditional ice bath. If you’re undergoing an ice bath as part of a sports team, multiple people use the same bathtub as you. In this case, there is a greater risk of infection and cross-contamination. Cryotherapy chambers are properly sanitized, thanks in part to the dry environment. There’s zero risk of waterborne bacteria.

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