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Now featuring our new Aesthetic services

We've had the pleasure of serving many local athletes and community members with our exceptional recovery services this past year, and we're thrilled to have welcomed you all into the AIR family. But why stop at ensuring our patients and clients feel great when they leave? We want to ensure they look great too. That's why we're excited to announce our new Aesthetic services, staffed by carefully selected master estheticians. Currently, we offer state-of-the-art skin care, advanced facial technology, and treatments for various skin conditions. Stay tuned as we'll soon be adding more services to ensure that you not only leave feeling great, but looking great as well!


Glacial Skin



The Glacial® fx system is founded on science and developed by physicians to harness the power of CryoAesthetics® to stimulate healthy beautiful skin and reducing the signs of aging.

You will enjoy this cooling calming treatment with no downtime.

Glacial treatments harness the power of precision cooling to stimulate healthy, beautiful skin. Glacial fx is intended to brighten, calm, and stimulate healthy, youthful skin through intelligent precision cooling technology.


Christina Professional Skin Care


Christina’s product lines have been developed by a leading team of scientists and aestheticians. They apply the latest, state-of-the art and award winning technologies to combine innovative active ingredients with traditional ones and create specialized skincare products addressing the internal & external causes & consequences of skin conditions on multiple skin layers.


The mix of core values, convictions and high performance guides our commitment and materializes into a company aiming at long term, sustainable growth. Uncompromising ethics, integrity and persistence find their expression in our pledge to quality and excellence of breakthrough products.


We respect biodiversity through a sustainable ingredients policy. To ensure the resources we use are in accordance with local laws and regulations, we require documentation as proof of compliance. In our pursuit of global environmental sustainability we strive to apply clean chemistry - absence of synthetic preservatives and ingredients not tested on animals - in the manufacturing of all our products. We carefully select components that meet the needs of the present without compromising the future of entire generations and the planet Earth.

All products developed by Christina are Sustainable, animal free, gluten free, SLS Free, Paraben Free, Propylene glycol Free, and Petrochemicals FREE.


Nano-Infusion Therapy

See immediate results after one treatment of SESHA MesoBotanica 4-Step Nano-tip Facial Protocol. We have carefully designed a protocol to ensure the client receives an enhanced version of a traditional facial with faster and better results. Significant results can be seen after 5-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart.

Our SESHA skin care brand is based on combining Dr. Dean Hsieh’s scientific breakthrough delivery system (Permeation Enhancement Technology) with high quality active ingredients.

Owner/CEO Phyllis Hsieh has been dedicated to speaking and educating estheticians for over twenty years. Phyllis speaks at IECSC, ICES, Nasnpro, L+A Live and WellSpa360 virtual.