Burn fat

Burn Fat With Cryo

The reason CRYO can assist with your weight loss program is that it rapidly increases your metabolic rate which, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating is the best way to lose fat faster than you normally would. After your CRYO treatment, your brain signals to the rest of your body to pump blood to your core to increase your body heat and therefore your metabolic rate. Then, the enriched blood rushes back out and through your body, boosting immunity, cell renewal, and providing natural pain relief. Your body is therefore using a considerable amount of energy to heat back up again and this is how CRYO’s whole body therapy, as a supplement to your healthy eating and exercise plan, will assist you to achieve a faster weight loss.

Cryotherapy a Great Fat Burner

For up to about 8 hours following your whole body CRYO session, you’ll burn about 2000−3300 Kilojoules (kJ). That’s around 500 – 800 calories. So, a 3-minute CRYO session is equal to an hour-long run! In order to achieve weight loss, you need to burn an extra 500 calories per day. One session will have you feeling amazingly energized as the cold temperatures trigger a rush of “good feeling” endorphins and the mood effects of the treatment can last for days.

If it’s weight loss you’re after, then you’ll achieve the maximum results with repeated sessions, along with improved circulation and muscle tone.

How Often Should I have a CRYO session to Lose Weight?

In order to achieve the maximum weight loss results with CRYO, in addition to your healthy eating and exercise plan, we recommend that you book in for a minimum of 10 sessions within a 2-3 week period and it’s safe to have a CRYO session every day. The reason for this is after your first few sessions, your increased metabolic rate tends to last longer between treatments and therefore the benefits are cumulative.

Additionally, all of the other products at AIR help aid in accelerated calorie burn.

The AIR anti gravity Treadmill burns up to 30% more calories than a regular treadmill.

If one watches his diet they can experience weight loss on a slow natural level when combined with a 10 minute weekly sessions of oxygen.

Also, the AIR Infrared Sauna can burn 400-600 Calories in one 30 minute session!

And Cryoskin 3.0 at Accelerated Innovative Recovery is a far better alternative to Coolsculpting in Michigan if you want to quickly freeze fat and lose inches anywhere. Check the Cryoskin page for more fat freezing information!

AIR Treadmill

Rehab & Train Unburdened

Thanks to its precise unweighting technology, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill allows you to push your physical therapy rehabilitation and training further than ever before.

You can: Reduce gravity’s impact by selecting any weight between 20% and 100% of your body weight by 1% increments, Rehabilitate lower extremity injuries with less pain and less impact, improve mobility, strength and safety for those with neurological conditions, and provide a safe way to lose weight and exercise more intensively while unweighted

For the elite endurance runner a frequent concern is the impact of pounding the pavement for so many miles every single week. This machine allows them to maintain mileage on easy runs with a slight relief on their joints

Pro-athletes looking to increase their speed have found this tool allows them to replicate a much faster leg turn over for a longer period because it doesn’t stress their heart as heavily Athletes returning from injury are able to more quickly return to their old levels of fitness by starting with workouts on the AlterG

Athletes can practice a better range of motion by reducing body weight, the legs will naturally extend farther. Practicing better alignment and technique without fear of injury.